Friday, October 31, 2014


 Music Video

Brent Butler and Que Cee link up for a special Halloween music video.  The visuals of this video are trippy and very cool which go along with the theme of the track. I had a chance to meet up with Brent a couple weeks back at RapSkool and he is a talented dude. Stay on the look out.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Acapella Tuesdays - October 28, 2014 - Week 17

Who Needs Beats, When You Have Bars

What happened guys? We were going strong for about 10 weeks but now only have 2 artists dropping. I might stop the movement and focus more on a contest or collaborations. If you want the movement to continue please leave a comment and tell me so. Thanks! 

October 28 (Week 17)

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Art of Chill - Nitty Scott MC

The Art of Chill
Nitty Scott MC

Nitty Scott MC is one of the few females creating her own lane in progressive hip-hop, a new school fly girl who isn't afraid to get down with the cypher. "Born in Michigan, made in Florida, paid in New York," Nitty Scott, MC is currently launching an independent music movement known as "The Boombox Family", which focuses on organic, lyrical, message-driven hip-hop.

Nitty Scott, MC's mission statement remains as it always has, "to be apart of a movement and not an industry, to be socially responsible and charitable with her influence, to inspire art and educated listeners, to promote substance in mainstream entertainment, to be praised by critical acclaim, and to document an era via the written word."

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Acapella Tuesdays - October 14, 2014 - Week 15

Who Needs Beats, When You Have Bars

Thank you guys so much for making this week the most popular Acapella Tuesdays in history. I really like hearing new voices each week AND the homies that are back every week. This movement is only possible because of you, the artists. Looking forward to the future.

October 14 (Week 15)


MC Luck-E Strike


Yvng Tvsky

Scott Clazy

Elijah The MC


Kid Named Nova

Max Bourne

Truth Jones

MC Genesis

Exiled Dynamic

Miguel Diaz

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Hip Hop Shit" - Jon Dubb feat. Dizzy Wright

"Hip Hop Shit"
Jon Dubb feat. Dizzy Wright

I interviewed Jon Dubb back in July for his "All About The Music" Music Video and recent music career. He really impressed me with his old school style and now has a track with Dizzy Wright that is off his upcoming album. Both artists killed this track with nice flows and dope lyrics. Be on the look out for Jon Dubb's new album.

"The Kill" Music Video - Cal Scruby feat. Jukebox

"The Kill"
Cal Scruby feat. Jukebox
Music Video

Cal Scruby is one of the top emcees coming from the midwest (Ohio). His style and flow have been consistent throughout his early career which shows promise in the young artist. The quality of his videos have been getting better each time so it looks like he has a solid team. Cal Scruby has a lot of potential and could definitely turn a few heads this year.

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"Cyrax" Music Video - Self Provoked

Self Provoked
Prod. by Sef One
Music Video

Self Provoked is one of the most talented upcoming artists coming from the west coast. He has proven time and time again in cyphers that he has different flows and the ability to rap fast. I've been keeping a close eye on him waiting for him to do something big. It's only a matter of time.