Tuesday, November 25, 2014

#ForFerguson - Elijah The MC & Truth Jones

Elijah The MC & Truth Jones
[Prod. Cripla]

A lot of people are talking about the recent events regarding Mike Brown and Ferguson but most people are just talking about it. Elijah The MC & Truth Jones did what every artist should do, take it to the mic. Sound is one of the best triggers of memory and there is no better way to remember something by making it a track.

"Now is the time to stand tall." -Elijah The MC
"Why all the violence?" -Truth Jones

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"We Made It Freestyle" -Jake Lambo

"We Made It Freestyle"
Jake Lambo

Jake Lambo is a 16 year-old rapper from Atlanta that is signed to B.o.B's label, No Genre. This young emcee is very talented and has so much potential. He brought bars to this track. Also, the Kenny Powers snippet at the end of the track is dope.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Featured Artist: Chris Webby

Chris Webby


"I'm still underrated and overlooked... But I feel terrific. We have already made it further than anyone predicted." -Chris Webby on "Nice 2 Be Back" from Chemically Imbalanced. I really like this line. It describes Webby's career, until now. He has been turning heads, with his skill, for years and has put out a number of good projects. I have seen Webby's progress in the past 4 years and I'm excited to say that he is at the beginning of his prime. You can hear the confidence in his voice, especially in his new album. I am really impressed with each and every track on Chemically Imbalanced. "Let's Do It Again" is one of my tracks since you can party to it.

My other favorites are "Turnt Up" "Ohh No" and "World On Fire" in which Webby features some incredible emcees like Tech N9ne, Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright and Jon Connor.  Chris Webby really put together a great project all the way through. Make sure to support him and independent hip hop by buying his new album Chemically Imbalanced. He is currently on a nationwide tour and I highly recommend you go see him if he is in your city.

"Knockturnal" Music Video - Jitta On The Track feat. Chris Webby

Jitta On The Track 
Featuring Chris Webby
Music Video

Jitta On The Track and Chris Webby bring out all the dabs for their new music video. The two upcoming artists smoke throughout the whole"Knockturnal" video. I enjoy it tho. I got a chance to see Webby and Jitta live at Sobs NYC for Webby's album release show for Chemically Imbalanced. I am a huge fan of Webby and have been for years now. He has really impressed me with this album and I think it can last the test of time. I am a new fan of Jitta On The Track and became one very quickly as I saw him perform for the first time. He brought a lot of energy to the stage along with a good hype set. Excited to see what is next for these upcoming emcees. Oh, and they are probably coming to your city. 

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#AcapellaTuesdays - The Finale

I created Acapella Tuesdays to get artists creating music weekly. I honestly believe consistency and collaboration are big parts of building a strong fan base and Acapella Tuesdays provided both. My goal was to get the artists that participated to listen, like, comment and eventually follow each other each week. It started with a few friends and then artists I've never heard of before, starting participating. This was when I got really into promoting it and went on to build relationships with these artists. Yesterday marked the 20th week of Acapella Tuesdays and it seems crazy that it had been going on for that long. I am pausing the movement for now to focus on other aspects of the blog. I want to thank each and every artist that participated and told their friends/fans about it. It wouldn't have been possible without you.

#AcapellaTuesdays - The Finale
November 18, 2014 - Week 20

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

MC Genesis Debut Album Soul Searchin' Available Now

Soul Searchin'
MC Genesis
Debut Album

Soul Searchin' may be MC Genesis' debut album but it sounds like he has been perfecting his sound for years. Each track is filled with deep lyrics and old-school type beats. What I find refreshing about MC Genesis, is that he stays away from trends. He has a unique sound that he has continued to improve over the past couple years. My two favorite tracks from Soul Searchin' are "This Is My Life" and "Tell 'Em." Make sure to check them out when you are previewing the album. 

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"I Could Be" - Witt Lowry

"I Could Be"
Witt Lowry
Prod. By Tido Vegas

"I Could Be" is Witt Lowry's most recent release and a quick preview of what is next for the young emcee from Connecticut. If this track is any indication of what his next album is going to be like, I am very excited. Witt Lowry has been on my radar ever since I found his music earlier this year and for good reason. He is a very passionate artist that doesn't like to follow trends. His fan base grows stronger with each and every track he puts out. He is planning to release a free album in 2015 titled Dreaming With Our Eyes Open. You will want to cop that when it drops.

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