Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Power of "Thank You"

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Written by Ben Z @WI608

Being an independent artist is difficult. Not only do you have to keep your creative juices flowing with potency, but you also have to do everything from artist promotion to your own accounting. With such a vast amount of tasks required daily just to be heard, it can be easy to miss the simple things. However, those simple things are often the most important things.

Saying “Thank You” takes less than 1 second.

The single simple thing that I think is most powerful is remembering to say “thank you”. This is because the words “thank you” or “thanks” take less than 1 second to utter, type, or text but can potentially yield years in return. Saying “thanks” shows

that you value someone else’s time and energy enough to speak it directly to them. This makes them feel valued and appreciated, and almost everyone on the planet wants to feel that way. Not many people enjoy helping others who will not appreciate them.

Saying “Thank You” makes people feel appreciated.

Additionally, thanking people for their help reinforces your professionalism. As you go deeper into your craft and career, it will become obvious that people rarely enjoy working with amateurs. If you show up to a studio session on time, well prepared, and drama-free, you’ll be remembered as an ideal person to work with. Now, if you follow that up by thanking them professionally they will know you take both their career and your own seriously.

Try to remember a time when you really went out of your way to help someone. Maybe you even gave up eating a meal or sleeping for a day to help them finish their project on time. Did they thank you afterward? Or did they act like an ungrateful child only asking for more? How did the response they gave affect your desire to help them in the future?

Saying “Thank You” is professional.

A simple message of thanks is standard. However in my experience, the more honest and direct someone is with their thanks, the more willing and generous I am in the future. When I’ve gone way out of my way to help and don’t hear a single thing back, I’m like, “F*** it. Either have fun on your own next time or you’re paying me double”. I simply don’t have time for anything less than the best, and that certainly includes professionalism. Yet I’ve had many go out of their way to send a personal thank you and shout me out on their social media beyond what I expected. Those people are still reaping my assistance, some even free of charge.

In summary, remember to say thank you as it is a part of the golden rule of entertainment business: Don’t be a dick.

Friday, January 30, 2015

"BADGUY" Music Video - Norm Oddwon

Norm Oddwon
Music Video

 "BADGUY" is Norm Oddwon's debut music video off of his first EP titled OTB: OUTSIDETHEBOX The EP is the story of a young man battling with himself and facing the world of reality.

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"Sweet THEN Sour" Music Video - Nossis feat. Retta Slim

"Sweet THEN Sour"
Nossis feat. Retta Slim
Music Video

"Sweet THEN Sour" is Nossis' 1st solo music video and features the talented Retta Slim. The track is also off of her mixtape Eye Athena which is due out later in 2015. I recently met Nossis in Brooklyn while she spit some new tracks for me and I was very impressed. She is nice with it. I'm excited to watch a young female emcee come up in the industry.

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"Run It Back" - G-SET Ft Troy Ave

"Run It Back"
G-SET ft. Troy Ave

Gearing up for the release of his NEW mixtape #POORICANS, Connecticut Artist G-SET drops his first single "Run It Back". A smooth, melodic street anthem Featuring Troy Ave.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Why" - Russell Taraine ft. BKHippy

Russell Taraine
Featuring BK Hippy

I got a chance of meeting Russell and BK Hippy last year at Rap Skool. I was instantly impressed with both of their music and freestyle skills. We have become good friends since then and plan on collaborating in the near future. "Why" is a dope new track from two upcoming hip hop artists reppin' New York City.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

6 Ways to Optimize your YouTube Channel

I have viewed hundreds if not thousands of artist's YouTube channels and most of them are not optimized. Having a blank profile can really hurt your brand and you can miss out on potential followers. It is so crucial that you use all the features provided by each social media platform. Each network has its own set of features and should be optimized. Social media helps your Google rank and online presence therefore should be completed to the full extent. Here's an example; let's say a fan is searching YouTube and finds your video. Then they go to your profile to to find your artist bio and social media links but they are no where to be found. You need to have that info there so that fans can get it and not forget about you. This can be fixed in 10 minutes. Here's how...

1. Make sure you are signed into your YouTube Channel and then click the 'About' section.

2. Add an interesting cover photo. This requires a large photo with dimensions of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

3. Add a profile photo. This link will bring you to your Google+ page and you can edit it there. I recommend using the same profile picture you use on Facebook & Twitter.

4. Edit the description with your artist bio. This is the perfect space to introduce yourself and explain why you are different.

5. Add your social media links. The links will show up left to right as you enter them top to bottom, respectively. You will only be able to add 5 links so choose wisely.

6. Edit channel name. Click 'YouTube Settings' and then follow the instructions under 'Name' section. You will want to use your artist or brand name here.

If you have any additional tips please comment with them below.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Marc Goone Releases New Project Titled 'The Scrumple King'

The Scrumple King
Marc Goone

A Plethora of Pleasant Sounds by Marc Goone

The Scrumple King is Marc Goone's first official release of 2015 and is quite the project. I have been a supporter of Marc since I first came across his music two and half years ago. He always finds a way to sound unique in every track and that's what I like about him, among other qualities. I also enjoy his wittiness and storytelling which he has throughout The Scrumple King. Marc only features a handful of producers on his 10 track project and lays a solid foundation for his music in 2015. Goone has been doing his thing for the last couple years and building a loyal fan base. I can only see him gaining more popularity in the coming years. So give his new project a listen, download it if you like, and buy it if you love it or to show support.

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