Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jitta On The Track - BIPOLAR - Album Review

Review by DJ Slice

Jitta On The Track comes out of Florida with some heat. BIPOLAR has a certain vibe to it, and jitta shows the listener his versatility. It's easy to see that this MC put all of his effort into this project. 

From start to finish, this mixtape is packed with great production and awesome flows. The listener is introduced to jittaonthetrack rapping over a subtle piano. He gives you his life story, and at the 2 minute mark, the beat switches up to some heavy drums matched with a great flow. A very impressive intro. Track after track, this MC gives us a lot of party lyrics, drug talk, and hit songs. Low tempo songs 'Been Famous' and 'FAHMOB' really show that jittaonthetrack can kill any style. He snatched a feature from Chris Webby for 'Knockturnal'. This track features a sample from that one song 'Handlebars' by Flobots. It seems like jitta intended this to be the banger of the bunch. It's obvious that he found his sound and ran with it. I feel like I could hear any of these songs on the radio tomorrow morning, or in the club tomorrow night. Jitta knows what he's good at and stays true to it. We even hear him singing on certain tracks, and it's a pleasant surprise for the listener. All in all, this is a solid body of work from jittaonthetrack. Very few features, real rap, a lot of good music. Go ahead and bump this shit in your whip! 

Top 3 Favorite Tracks:
"Don't Care About Yah"
"Off Beat"

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

One Way Ticket 2 Brooklyn - Kid Named Nova

One Way Ticket 2 Brooklyn
Kid Named Nova

Kid Named Nova shows a lot of potential throughout his most recent project, One Way Ticket 2 Brooklyn. I really like his flows & sound and am impressed at how well the album sounds as a whole. NOVA comes with smooth bars on most of the tracks including "Trance Memories." Stay on the look-out for this young emcee from Brooklyn, NY.

Artist Bio:
An ambitious go-getter, this young buck has been producing and writing since 14 years old, eager to get his hands dirty and make his mark on the NY scene. Both writer and producer, NOVA is a package deal, sharpening his lyrical knives over sick synth lines and concussing snares. Highly anticipated, look for NOVA's debut featuring some slick rhymes over fat beats, all from a young innovative mind.

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"Maybe" Music Video - Steddy P & DJ Mahf ft. Reggie B

Steddy P & DJ Mahf
Featuring Reggie B
Music Video

Steddy P & DJ Mahf have been making dope music for so many years. Steddy P is such a talented emcee with unique flows and style. DJ Mahf is one of the best producers and DJs I have ever met or witnessed. "Maybe" is from their 2013 project, Breakfast with Doctor Gonzo. Steddy P & DJ Mahf are taking over the midwest underground scene and are sure to make a name for themselves in the industry in the next couple years.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Dream" - BKnitts

Prod. CassKidd

This track from BKnitts is smooth. 

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4ourty8 - SOULFOOD - Album Review

Review by DJ Slice

4ourty8 releases a smooth mixtape that's packed with hits. Representing Waterbury Connecticut, this MC did a really great job at putting SOULFOOD together. 

This project starts off with a heartfelt, yet comedic voicemail from who seems to be his grandmother. It then goes in to the title track, 'SoulFood'. This song paints the perfect picture of how the rest of this project will sound like. Very soulful beats, very catchy hooks, and clever rhymes. The second track, 'Everything I'm Livin'', is the club banger. Not ratchet at all; he flows over the instrumental with slick bars and cool melodies. It's easy to see early on that he's not new to the microphone. He shows a different side of himself on 'On The Run' with deep, meaningful lyrics. 4ourty8 definitely has an ear for beats and flows perfectly on whatever he's given. On songs 'Turn The Lights On' and 'Say No More' he showcases his R&B side and delivers two great jams. 4ourty8 has lots of talent, and people could easily gravitate towards his sound. Overall, this project is a must download. Awesome beats, great bars and real nice singing. You need this in your music library. 

Top 3 Favorite Tracks:
"Everything I'm Livin'"
"Say No More"

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Monday, December 15, 2014

"98 F Train Flow" - Your Boy For Life

"98 F Train Flow"
Your Boy For Life
Prod. by Vin Envy

Your Boy For Life comes with straight bars on this track. He really shows that he is a rapper from Queens, NY. YBFL does this by fast flows and bars over a nice beat and relevant topics. Make sure to check out his new album, New Yerr City which is available now on iTunes & Amazon.

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80 Bars EP - Sam Lachow

80 Bars EP
Sam Lachow

Sam Lachow spits 400 bars over some of the industries best beats from the past 20 years. He released his first "80 Bars" back in 2012 and then another in 2013. In 2014, Sam Lachow dropped 3 additional 80 bar tracks and put them together into a collection. With the success of his album, Huckleberry, he has had quite the year including getting a burger named after music.

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Lyrical Dope" - R3al Gator ft. D. Armstrong

"Lyrical Dope"
Gator ft. D. Armstrong
#R3alMonster #OTWU

Gator & D. Armstrong team up for a smooth hip-hop track in their most recent collaboration. What I really like about this track is the classic east coast sound. Gator reminds me a bit of a young Biggie and D. Armstrong comes with a nice flow. This track gives me hope that the new wave of hip-hop still has dope artists that have bars and unique styles.

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