Monday, July 28, 2014

"Kindest Regards" Music Video - Witty

"Kindest Regards"
Music Video
I have been waiting for a music video from Witty since I first started listening to him last year. This video goes beyond my high expectations by a long shot. The track itself has so much passion and truth that it is great without visuals but with them, it brings the song to a new level. "Kindest Regards" seems like Witty put it all out there, everything that has made him who he is today is somewhere in those lyrics. Witty has been releasing one track per month to keep his fans happy as they wait on his upcoming album. Stay tuned because Witty is around to stay. More to come.

"Way Back Home" Music Video - Matt Easton Ft. Brian Lockwood

"Way Back Home"
Matt Easton Ft. Brian Lockwood
Music Video

Matt Easton and Brian Lockwood hit us with a very visually creative music video for their newest track "Way Back Home." Matt Easton has been dropping tracks every Monday for what he likes to call #MattEastonMondays. I have only been following Matt Easton for a couple months now but I can already see the steady progress he is making in his tracks and videos. Watching artists progress is one of my favorite things about upcoming hip hop artists. I can only assume Matt Easton will continue to produce high quality music and visuals.

In The Studio with Your Boy For Life

Episode #1
ITS: Your Boy For Life

I am happy to show you guys an in depth look at Your Boy For Life's most recent studio session. I got a chance to meet up with him and his engineer at Leverage Recording Studios in the Bronx earlier in July. Your Boy For Life was recording a freestyle over the "Seen It All" beat produced by Cardo which originally featured Jeezy and Jay-Z. Your Boy For Life was born and raised in Queens, NY and you can tell how the New York City hip-hop scene has molded his style. I was very impressed by how dynamic and animated he was while he was recording this track. You can really hear the passion in his voice. Your Boy For Life has been featured on various local radio shows, hip hop blogs, and showcases throughout the New York City area.  He also has been doing a lot of shows recently where he has opened up for artists like Lupe Fiasco, T Mills, MOD SUN, Chris Webby, Rittz, the LOX, and many more upcoming hip hop artists. Your Boy For Life recently dropped an album titled NEW YERR CITY that has landed him some great placements and new fans. Make sure to cop it and support the movement. #YB4L

This is the first episode of Upcoming Hip Hop's new web-series "In The Studio." I am hoping to release a new episode every month featuring artists from the New York City area. If you are interested in being featured in this web-series please contact me via Twitter. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

AEGY GOLD Interview with Upcoming Hip Hop

AEGY GOLD Interview

What is your favorite part of making music?

"My ultimate favorite part of making music is when just finishing the song, last edit, last little change, and hearing it for the first time mixed & mastered. It is the sound of creation."

What is the hip hop scene like in Madison WI?

"The hip hop scene here in Wisconsin isn't what we would call "up to par" with a lot of other cities but has a lot of potential. I see a lot of new artist out here doing there thing & I respect the hustle."

What artist have you been listening to the most lately?

"I have been listening to a lot of J Cole, Ab-Soul, Chance the Rapper, and Eminem. Sorry I couldn't limit it to just 1. haha. The first place would go to Ab-Soul. "

Where do you usually record?

"I usually almost always record at my right hand man, ICON 's studio. Previously known as Music Transit Studios in Sun Prairie, WI."

Who's had the biggest influence on your style?

"I would say there is not 1 artist that I have gained influence from more than another. Every time I hear an artist, I examine and critique leaving little notes in my head for later when I'm writing!"

If you could collab with any artist who would it be?


What do you want your fans to take from your music?

"I usually like to write my music with a message in each individual song so the messages are mostly obvious. In the end I write my music to inspire everyone to do what they love and follow their hearts like I do."

2014 has been a huge year in hip hop do you think it will continue to go strong?

"Definitely. Hip-Hop has been rising since it started. Always changing and raising the bar. 2014 and years beyond should be great spectacles!"

What would you describe your life up 2 today in 5 words?

"Everything Happens For A Reason"

What can we expect next from AEGY GOLD?

"I am in the process of writing a lot of music! Can't quite promise anything but there are very big things to come soon!! More music, videos, EP's, Mixtapes, etc."

"Prelude To My 2nd Excursion" - Smokey Tha Bear

"Prelude To My 2nd Excursion"
Smokey Tha Bear

Both tracks above are singles from Smokey Tha Bear's upcoming project, Prelude To My 2nd Excursion

"Leaving" - Graves

(Prod. Jon Kilmer)
"Leaving" is the first single off of Graves' upcoming EP. EP release date TBA.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

#AcapellaTuesday - July 22

Who Needs Beats, When You Have Bars

We have 2 new artists joining the #AcapellaTuesdays movement, DKMTR and BKnitts. Shout-out to Cinco and Sam Lang for participating in the first two weeks. The more people that participate, the more exposure everyone gets. 

July 22



Sam Lang


Listen to past #AcapellTuesday submissions
July 12

Join the movement by releasing an Acapella on any Tuesday and tweeting it using the hashtag #AcapellaTuesdays

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"May 10th, 2012" - QuESt

"May 10th, 2012"
(Prod. by 6ix)
Searching Sylvan 9-2-14
QuESt has been quietly working on his debut album for a few years now and is ready to tell the world his story. QuESt has built a small but strong fan base with the help of his indie record label, Visionary Music Group. QuESt really wants you to listen to his upcoming project, Searching Sylvan, because he tells his life story. I always like it when artists tell stories of what got them to where they are today because they are real and shape your style. So be ready on September 9th.